Survival of the Fittest Thoughts

"It doesn't matter what you learn about nutrition, if you don't also learn to love yourself, you will never give the body what it needs" – Maria Ayne R.H.N.


Unlocking the Gates to a Secret Garden, Removing Emotional Weeds, and Cultivating Change

Published: November 2017

Pages: 250

Size: 5 x 8

ISBN: 978154616772




For anyone who wants to obtain holistic health but is held back by an unhealthy relationship with food–from food addiction, emotional eating, binge eating, to intake restriction.


In this groundbreaking book, holistic nutritionist and behaviour specialist Maria Ayne reveals how to overcome the biggest obstacle on the road to wellness–the food cravings! For anyone who struggles with an unhealthy relationship with food–from food addiction, binge eating, compulsive eating, overeating, to intake restriction. The Eating Enigma will forever transform your unhealthy relationship with food while guiding you to create new, healthy habits.

Maria’s approach is not about counting calories; it’s not about food deprivation, following complex diet plans, or any other practices that ultimately lead to increased anxiety around mealtime. Rather the aim is to re-establish the innate connection among mind, body, and food that we are all naturally born with but have been trained to reject. You will learn how to:

  • Make the right nutritional choices for your own body
  • Overcome cravings, and work to reduce or eliminate the onset of cravings
  • Eliminate destructive lifestyle habits while instilling new, empowering habits
  • Reprogram the subconscious mind to end self-sabotage
  • Balance emotions and maintain a more peaceful, relaxed state


Based on the latest scientific research and filled with powerful insights, The Eating Enigma provides easy-to-follow advice on obtaining holistic health. Using her own personal story and citing copious amounts of scientific research, Maria has written an immensely moving and inspiring book that will drastically alter your perception of your mind, body, and food.


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Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
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by Daniel Forsythe on Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
The Eating Enigma Review

Maria’s book The Eating Enigma is like no other health book that I’ve read, the key difference is that it not only articulates the relationship between the mind and food, but it also teaches you how to take control of it. A complex subject explained in way that’s easy to understand. After reading her book, I found myself in a position where I could manage cravings and eat clean healthy food all of the time, and enjoy every bit. The result is that I am fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been!

by Adam Rice on Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
Book Review - The Eating Enigma

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this book. It was a smooth read, infact I read it in less than a day it was that good. The work and research that’s gone into it winds deep through every page. Maria’s understanding of her work is very clear and extremely thorough. No waffle, just plenty of gold.

Expressing her experiences and short comings as outcomes achieved rather than faults or weaknesses was admirable and a true show of leadership. The use of science, psychology and spirituality rendered a very wholistic approach and hitting the mark over and over again.

It was very humbling to read the topics which resonated with a lot of the work I’ve done myself and her message rings true and authentic.

It was like at times I was reading my own thoughts and learned so much more along the way.

If you’re looking for a reliable set of foundations and some guidance on where to start on your diet, your inner wellness and how you should be formulating your view of yourself and your view of the world then I invite you to take action crush the fuck out of this book.

Thanks Maria. I loved it!

Stay awesome!

by Lora on Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
The Eating Enigma

I loved this book. Nutrionist Maria’s ability to deliver complex science terms and concepts in an easy-to-read and to understand is fantastic. She has deeply changed my perspective and attitude toward sugar, food, cravings and my own personal journey with food.

Thank you for an amazing book; it was a true learning experience from beginning to end

by Sara on Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
Great Read!

I've struggled my whole life with an unhealthy relationship with food. This book not only showed me that I was not alone, but it helped me to understand why I was struggling, and what I can do about it. Honestly, it has really helped me and I highly recommend it to anyone going through a similar thing.

by Ell on Survival of the Fittest Thoughts
The Eating Enigma Review

When it comes to food, I’ve had both a toxic and wonderful relationship with eating. However I never had a middle ground as I constantly swayed between severe restriction or complete over indulgence. This became a huge problem for me as I was uneducated and thus was unaware of the equally harming effects it was having on my body, mind and soul. Throughout The Eating Enigma, I came to realise this problem was communal, and that through hard work, there was hope to regain normality.

The author doesn’t only focus on the journey to overcome unhealthy eating habits, but uses her experiences and habits to cultivate comfort within. I loved how there was a flourishing amount of scientific research to support and enhance the content, which I found to add another level of understanding. Throughout the book, I felt like there was another person sharing my struggles and conflicts of the confusion that nutrition plays in our lives.

This isn’t just a book based on science, philosophical thoughts, research, nutrition practices or a personal story - it’s a culmination of all and so much more. I finished this book with a new outlook on food, on life and on this beautiful author who poured her heart and soul into creating this truly incredible piece of work.

Editorial Reviews

I love the way the book is written by a regular person who’s gone through the struggles of a bad relationship with food. It’s a success story using common sense backed by scientific and holistic research that is easy to understand and follow. The author also throws a bit of humour in as well that I was able to relate to and laugh at myself about how my brain gets stuck on an idea.

The ideas, research, and strategies flow seamlessly from one to the next in a logical fashion. Everything makes sense; I didn’t have to read something two or three times because it was too technical, but the book is definitely full of some pretty advanced thinking, as evidenced by the lengthy bibliography.

This is a book I would definitely recommend to family, friends, and followers. The fact that it’s the author’s first book makes it even more impressive, and gives me great hope that we’ll see more writing from her soon!

-Lee Ann,


Making it clear that the book is not a self-help guide but a deeper,
psychological endeavor to determine what makes a person crave certain,
unhealthy food is a profound topic to cover. Specifying the differences
between her book and other health books on the market, while supporting
her findings based on her own battle with food, instills in readers an
interest to read the book.
The author caters her words to where judgment is not administered to
readers but hope, encouragement and love that they will overcome these
food addictions. This is important with such a sensitive matter, so readers
will feel comforted by her words and know that she speaks from experience
in their positions.

-Michelle, Salem Author Services


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