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Hello Wonderful Peeps!

💚 Having gone down the roads of my own holistic health journey (and having reinvented the way I do everything), I understand that exploring different roads and trying new things can add up over time. This page is my way of making the journey a little easier for you.

🌻 The Sunflower Perks Page is just a few coupon codes I managed to get for participants who are register in ‘The Eating Enigma’ 90 day program. Sunflower perks are simply vendors who are on board with the vision of the program. They show support by offering us a discount code. I call them Sunflower Perks because being on a holistic health journey is like committing to the life of a sunflower – always following the light. As you follow your inner light, I am inspired to follow my inner light by offering you Sunflower Perks!


Code: Nutritionistmaria

Samantha is an epic fitness instructor/yoga teacher/kickboxer who will inspire anybody. Simply message samanthashakiraclarke on Instagram, letting her know you are part of The Eating Enigma 90 Day program and you would like to use your Sunflower Perks. Tell her what your personal 3 month fitness goals are and she’ll send you a personalized 30 min training video that’s yours to keep!

Regular Price: $100 USD
Sunflower Price: $75 USD

Code: Nutritionistmaria

Body Cherish Natural Skin Care: Handcrafted & organic beauty butters & body oils for the body. Made with ingredients inspired by nature, including pure plant botanicals & essentials oils.

Sunflower Perk: 20% OFF 

Gut Health 🐛
Code: nutritionsitmaria15

Explore your bacteria. Get a comprehensive breakdown of your microbiome, how it’s functioning, and how it compares to others’.

Sunflower Perk: 15% OFF