Level #7

Gut Health

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Meditations: Please listen to suggested meditation every day. These are generally 20-30mins long and must be listened to either at the beginning of the day upon rising, or just before retiring for bed. Set an alarm for a reminder to listen to your recommended mediation. Your meditations can be found on your home page (personal library).


  • Building upon the goals from previous weeks.
  • Experimenting with qualities in food that you don’t normally gravitate to (see new guide after listening to both audio files).
  • Identifying the link between food qualities and your general feelings/digestion.


  • The gut is now considered our second brain with 200 million neurons lining the intestinal wall.
  • Many experts argue that the gut is wrongfully termed ‘the second brain’ as the upper brain did not evolve until much later. So the gut should actually be considered the first brain.
  • In terms of intellectual capacity, our gut can be compared to the brain of a cat or a dog.
  • The gut (the lower brain) and the upper brain speak in the same language. Neurotransmitters are the words they use to communicate.
  • The lower brain can function independently of the upper brain.
  • The gut is home to hundreds of billions of bacteria.
  • These bacteria releases thousands of different chemicals, including neurotransmitters and hormones.
  • They have a direct route from the lower brain to the upper brain.
  • Over 90% of your serotonin and 50% of your dopamine is release in your gut.
  • Gut bacteria play a large role in digesting our food and our calorie conversion as well.
  • Researchers discovered that people can be categorized into 3 distinct microbial groups that tend to favour certain species of bacteria over others.
  • Different species of bacteria need different diets in order to thrive.
  • The predominant species of bacteria are the ones you have been feeding.
  • Scientists estimate that obesity is due 10% to genetics, 10% to bacteria, 80% to behaviours.
  • Studies indicate that gut bacteria influence our behaviours, moods, cravings, perceptions and general state of being.
  • Old ancient traditions such as Ayurveda, believe that all illnesses originate in the gut and it’s not until the imbalance affects the blood that we manifest the symptoms that western medicine labels disease.

What’s next:

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