Level #5

Discover Common Mistakes that Preserve the Old-Self!

Media: Please review all media prior to your next scheduled appointment.

Exercises: Please complete and submit all of the exercises listed below at least 24 hours before your next weeks appointment. I will review these weekly to create a more personalised program that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Meditations: Please listen to suggested meditation every day. These are generally 20-30mins long and must be listened to either at the beginning of the day upon rising, or just before retiring for bed. Set an alarm for a reminder to listen to your recommended mediation. Your meditations can be found on your home page (personal library).


  • Building upon goals from the previous weeks.
  • Working to identify all excess (toxicities) and deficiencies associated with first energy centre, as they relate to your current life.
  • Working to identify the benefits (to your current life and to your ideal future-self) of all of the life challenges you were presented with over the years. Q: How have they served you and how can they continue to be of service to your ideal future-self?
  • Journalling all insights and revelations.
  • Practicing setting healthy, flexible boundaries for relationships, general life direction, personal boundaries, etc.
  • Identifying the most inspiring ways that you would enjoy contributing to the collective conscious (the world).
  • Identifying what equal and fair exchange you need from the world in return for your contributions.
  • Identifying what type of life challenges you would be interested and inspired by taking on.
  • Identifying what type of support you would realistically need in order take on these life challenges.
  • Finding healthy ways to balance support given vs support taken in your relationships.
  • Reducing unnecessary stress with coping mechanisms, affirmations, making healthier life choices, practicing looking at situations through various lenses (ex. trust, security, love, gratitude, abundance).
  • Submit ‘Reclaiming My Body’s Right To Be Here’ exercise.
  • Honouring your temple (body) by learning to listen to what it’s telling you and responding lovingly for the greater good of the entire system. See guide for help.
  • Psychological body working to treat the physical body with the same level of love and respect as you wished to receive from your caretakers as a child.
  • Listening to suggested meditation daily.


  • Fear is when there is a clear and present danger threatening our survival in some way. Anxiety is when there is no clear and present danger, but we imagine there is a threat or that there will be one.
  • Survival mode is necessary when we are met with an immediate, clear and present danger. Survival mode is not necessary in the absence of immediate, clear and present danger.
  • During famine, it’s our survival instincts that spur us to overeat once food becomes available; these instinct ensure our survival.
  • All traits and characteristics serve a purpose.
  • We have the power to embody all traits and characteristics, but we may have adopted a tendency to display some more than others because they served us at some point. However, they may be leading to an imbalance now.
  • Any trait or characteristic practiced in excess can become a toxicity leading to a symptom in our lives.
  • Any trait or characteristic we disown can create a deficiency leading to a symptom in our lives.
  • In order to live life to our fullest expression, energy needs to run through us in both an upward current and a downward current – like a battery.
  • Everything has an equal and opposite that must exist simultaneously. Light & dark, push & pull, cold & hot, feminine & masculine, positive & negative charge, feast & famine, attachments (cravings) & aversions, rigidity & flow, giving & receiving, stress & peace, and etc.
  • Each energy centres also displays opposing parts: fear & faith (trust), formlessness & containment, pleasure & pain, narcissist & victim, free will & control, altruistic & egoist, love & hate, truth & lies, conscious & unconscious, wakefulness & sleeping, creative & obsessive, expansive & contractive, and etc
  • If an event in our lives causes such a disturbance within us that it compromises our basic right to exist in this world; our right to thrive; our right to be here; our right to feel supported by Mother Earth; our right to trust our existence; and/or our right to consume and contribute in a healthy well balanced way, over time, the absence of those basic rights will create a paradigm where we are locked in insecurity, instability, inability to find our feet in like, no sense of solid ground and/or solid foundation. We essential become locked in survival mode or fearfulness (perpetual anxiety)
  • If our survival instincts are constantly on overdrive because of an underlying fear, belief, or a general sense of instability/insecurity then we will embody that state leading to various expressions of excess and/or deficiency.
  • First chakra excesses include: Obesity, overeating, hoarding, material fixation, greed, laziness, lethargy, resistance to change, addiction to stability and security, rigid boundaries, hard stubborn fat.
  • First chakra deficiency include: Disconnection from the body; disassociating from the body; notably underweight or overweight; soft formless fat; fearfulness; anxiousness; restlessness; can’t sit still or settle; inability to trust; poor focus; undisciplined; unwillingness to make decisions; poor boundaries; chronic disorganization.
  • It’s possible (and common) to express both toxicities and deficiencies in the same energy centre.
  • Balanced first chakra embodiments include: health and vitality; well grounded; comfortable in the body; trusting of the world; general feeling of security; safety and stability; easily able to relax or be still; sense of abundance; a feeling of a right to livelihood; feels supported by life; desire to contribute to the world.
  • If we do not have a solid foundation, energy can’t flow upward. If we do not feel secure in our place in the world, the energy can’t flow effortless in it’s downward current either. As a result we are not able to live life to our fullest expression.
  • When the mind is disassociated from the body, the byproducts are: a lost soul, a neurotic mind, and a compulsive body.
  • We use our physical bodies to manifest inspired ideas that we receive from the ether and we birth them into the physical world (downward current).
  • If energy is not running smoothly in both a downward current and upward current in our bodies; from Mother Earth (physical) to Father Sky (Ether) then we invariably need to supplement that energy with excessive food, rest and/or stimulants.
  • The stress increases our need for energy.
  • Willpower increases our need for energy.
  • Swinging the pendulum to the opposite polarity is always a temporary correction with consequences, if practiced long-term.
  • True healing always requires bringing the pendulum back to neutrality.

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