Level #4

Uncover the Root of The Problem!

Media: Please review all media prior to your next scheduled appointment.

Exercises: Please complete and submit all of the exercises listed below at least 24 hours before your next weeks appointment. I will review these weekly to create a more personalised program that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Meditations: Please listen to suggested meditation every day. These are generally 20-30mins long and must be listened to either at the beginning of the day upon rising, or just before retiring for bed. Set an alarm for a reminder to listen to your recommended mediation. Your meditations can be found on your home page (personal library).


  • Building upon all the goals from previous levels.
  • Working to identify the automatic addictive self’s thoughts/rituals/behaviours/beliefs.
  • Identifying old rewards or payoffs of the automatic addictive self’s habits/rituals/routines. This does not necessarily mean that they are still rewarding to you now (they are highly likely to be working against you now), but they were rewarding at one time – otherwise they would not be stored as a habit.
  • Increasing success and personal power by first using a single point of focus to bring the execute brain back online, before attempting to change anything.
  • Immediately replacing the old automatic addictive thoughts with the desired new automatic inspired thoughts.
  • Honouring bodily sensations, core needs, and/or emotions that signal when something is actually wrong.
  • Finding new empowering and fulfilling ways to get core needs met.
  • Reframing events and situations that contribute to low vibration emotions.
  • Actively rehearsing feelings of excitement and attraction towards things you want to be automatically attracted to.
  • Actively rehearsing feelings of disgust by the things in life you want to be unattracted to.
  • Submit weekly exercise as many times as you can.
  • Committing to the meditative practice every single day.
  • Strengthening the mind-body connection with a yoga practice, or other mindful movements.
  • Regularly journaling insights, truths, new perspectives and revelations.
  • Read up to Chapter 10 in your handbook, “The Eating Enigma.”
  • Practicing love, kindness and acceptance towards yourself and others.


  • Meditation is a useful tool to quiet the mind chatter by reducing activity in the analytical, thinking, neocortex.
  • Meditation helps us achieve lower brainwaves states.
  • When we are in regular wakefulness we are in Beta brainwaves. When we are highly aroused or stressed we are in high Beta brain waves.
  • Alpha is the state below Beta. We slip in and out of Alpha throughout the day when we are in flow, during creativity, or if we are imagining. We also drift in and out of Alpha when we are slipping in and out of wakefulness.
  • Theta is just below Alpha.
  • Delta is achieved when we are in deep sleep.
  • Meditation is a tool to access the operating system – your subconscious.
  • Your subconscious is highly open to suggestibility in lower brain waves.
  • When we are children, we are in these lower brainwaves states.
  • From the time we are in the womb, we begin to establish ideas about the world, our security, our belonging, and developing ideas of about the world etc.
  • Not all of the ideas we download are accurate.
  • The human brain does not reach full maturation until it’s mid 20’s.
  • By the time we reach 35, 95% of our thoughts, behaviours, feelings, and routines are habitual automatic programs, based on what we have downloaded and have not amended.
  • Each energy centre has a phase in development from womb to adult years. We repeat a second cycle of development in our adult years.
  • No human being can make their way through life without downloading many false ideas, illusions, untruths and misperceptions.
  • Some factors that affect the development of our energy centres include, but are not limited to: societal conditioning, abandonment, neglect, emotional trauma, physical abuse, surgery and/or various other medical procedures, emancipation, sexual trauma, poverty, cultural influences, verbal punishment, false ideas around punishment and reward, lack of adequate nurturing, smothering, deficiency or toxicity of physical touch (including skin to skin contact), deprivation of sensory information, overstimulation of sensory information, suppressing innate desires and/or emotions, repression of speech and/or feelings, conditioning around eating behaviour, conditioning of the body’s natural circadian rhythm, unrealistic expectations, and so on.
  • Everything that exists have a purpose. If it didn’t have a purpose, nature would have wiped it out.
  • All programs that are downloaded by the subconscious (the body), were at one time, a benefit to the individual in order to best survive a particular environment (or paradigm). SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST THOUGHTS.
  • As our environment changes, we may no longer need some of the programs the body has downloaded, but if they have become part of the regular baseline state, we repeat them anyway. In this case, what was once useful to us, can become a toxicity and/or deficiency.
  • Symptoms appear because of a toxicity and/or deficiency in: something we ingest from the world; our movement, flow and or change; or in our thought patterns and/or our emotions.
  • The greater the polarity of toxicity and/or deficiency the greater the expression of a symptom.
  • We have an energetic body, a spiritual body, a physical body, an emotion body, and a psychological body. The needs of all of these systems need to be fulfilled for full healthy expression of the individual – for holistic harmony.
  • If we experience a prolonged stressor, the body adapts, altering the baseline state as a protective mechanism to preserve the organism in the environment it repeatedly finds itself in.
  • While our moment to moment emotions may fluctuate here and there, we do have a baseline emotional set point, that can change with habituation.
  • Your thoughts drive your emotions. Your emotions govern your attention, your perceptions, your reactions, and your thoughts. This is how we may get stuck in a habitual loop of thinking and feeling.
  • Food addiction and/or a destructive relationship with food are symptoms that manifest from an imbalance in the activation of one or more of the lower three energy centres (usually a combination depending on the way the individual plays out the embodiment). The fourth and fifth energy centres may also contribute.
  • Our parents and peers are also individuals who have experienced their own repression, condition, and programming. They too are a slave to the body, if they have not been taught to amend their patterns.
  • Support and challenge are a part of the natural order of life. Duality always exists simultaneously.
  • Growth happens at the border of support and challenge.
  • Our third energy centre is the seat of our will. Element fire.
  • We are designed to have will so that we can overcome and transcend the assignments we are gifted in the journey of life, so that we can contribute to the collective conscious. We have the free will to choose wether or not we want to transcend adversity, and the level at which we choose to contribute.
  • The automatic addictive self will do what it can to preserve the old-self, by being attracted to things that sustain the paradigm it has been programmed to sustain.
  • We are attracted and repealed by people, places, situations, substances etc, based on our vibrational frequency. Just like the Earth has a magnetic field, we too have our own.
  • Our thoughts are electric, our emotions are magnetic; together they combine to form an electromagnetic field that can be measured.
  • When we are off in reverie, the executive brain is offline.
  • To be able to effectively exert conscious will, the executive brain (the consciousness) must be fully in the now, focused and present.
  • A high vibration baseline state of being does NOT translate to being positive and/or happy all the time.

What’s next:

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