Survival of the Fittest Thoughts

"It doesn't matter what you learn about nutrition, if you don't also learn to love yourself, you will never give the body what it needs" – Maria Ayne R.H.N.

Maria’s Mantra

Hello Maria, 

Welcome to your library.

Here you will find everything you need to make it through The Eating Enigma 90 Day Program. This Includes nutritional guidelines, weekly exercises, and various other media.


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Meditations: Please listen to suggested meditation every day. These are generally 20-30mins long and must be listened to with earphones on, either at the beginning of the day upon rising, or just before retiring for bed. Set an alarm now for a reminder to listen to your recommended mediation. No really, set the reminder now 🙂

Core Beliefs – Part 1

Transforming Relationships to the Outside World

Clear & Refresh


Links to recipes:

Disclaimer: All contents of this program, including any reference to any materials, resources and documents within are for general guidance only and the author and creator of this program does not make and has not made any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, content, legality or completeness of any of the information contained within. The information within this website is not a substitute for, without limitation, medical, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, healthcare or other professional advice. Any person who has any questions, concerns or requires further information with respect to information contained on this site should consult with their relevant health provider before starting, stopping or changing medical treatment. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the creator excludes any liability arising from any use of the information contained in this program. Participants in this program are advised that there is no current cure for addiction. This program is for the sole purpose of holistic empowerment and personal development. The creator makes no claims or guarantees as to the outcome over the course of this 90 day program.


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