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Here you will find everything you need to make it through The Eating Enigma 90 Day Program. Including nutritional guidelines, weekly exercises, and various other media.


Level #1: At Last, Taking Actions That Delivers Long Term Results!

Level #2: The Secrets to Breaking Bad Habits! (unavailable)

Level #3: How to Manage the Most Powerful Factors that Lead to Compulsive Eating! (unavailable)

Level #4: Uncover the Root of the Problem! (unavailable)

Level #5: Discover the Most Common Mistakes That Lead to Self-Sabotage! (unavailable)

Level #6: The Secrets to Maximising Success! (unavailable)

Level #7: Learn How Gut Bacteria Influences Food Cravings and What You Can do About it! (unavailable)

Level #8: Reveal the Secrets to Reprogramming Your Subconscious! (unavailable)

Levels #9, 10, 11 Subconscious Reprogramming of Emotions/Beliefs/Unconscious Motives (unavailable)



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$249/week x 12 weeks

I’m just as motivated as you are to see you to get fitter and healthier. As a result, I would like nothing more than to make it more rewarding for you to commit to your 3 month goals. For this reason, discounts apply when you commit to the entire program. Ask me for details.