Level #6

The Secrets to Maximizing Success!

Media: Please review all media prior to your next scheduled appointment.

Exercises: Please complete and submit all of the exercises listed below at least 24 hours before your next weeks appointment. I will review these weekly to create a more personalised program that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Meditations: Please listen to suggested meditation every day. These are generally 20-30mins long and must be listened to either at the beginning of the day upon rising, or just before retiring for bed. Set an alarm for a reminder to listen to your recommended mediation. Your meditations can be found on your home page (personal library).


  • Building upon goals from the previous weeks.
  • Honouring your temple (body) by learning to listen to what it’s telling you and responding lovingly for the greater good of the entire system. See guide for help.
  • Psychological body working to treat the physical body with the same level of love and respect as you wished to receive from your caretakers as a child.
  • Practicing gratitude, pleasure and indulgence when nourishing your body. Abandoning unnecessary guilt at meal time.
  • Start working on the exercise “My Ideal 5 Year Paradigm Shift”
  • Listening to suggested meditation daily.
  • Lots of journalling.


  • By virtue of being alive, we have the right to exist.
  • As a child of nature, love is our birthright.
  • Life can only be enjoyable when we honour our bodies; address and neutralize our emotions; pursue our desires; and allow ourselves to experience innate pleasures that are our birthrights as part of the human experience.
  • If we create a void in the human experience by disowning our physical body and/or emotional body, we will compulsively reach for an excessively rewarding stimulate to full that void.
  • When our second right is compromised – our right to belong and consequently our rights to express ourselves, to feel and to seek pleasure – we become increasingly fixated on perfecting the outside world so that it can appear as we think it needs to in order for us to be worthy of acceptance and we become less concerned with the internal world; often sacrificing our needs, desires and pleasures for the sake of what others might think and/or for the benefit or satisfaction of others.
  • Our beliefs are often established through a few events that happen to stand out more than the rest of our life experiences because of the emotional quotient of those experiences.
  • We are pleasure seeking machines; everything we do is to seek pleasure and avoid pain.
  • Second chakra excesses include: hyper-sexuality; addiction to excessive pleasurable stimulation; overwhelming emotions (hysteria, extreme mood swings, over dramatization); hypersensitivity; poor boundaries in relation to others; excessive preoccupation with desirability, sexual manipulation; obsessive attachment; trying to fix others; giving the self up for others.
  • Second chakra deficiency include: Lack of desire; inability to identify desires; denial of basic pleasures; social isolation and/or poor social skills; lack of passion and/or excitement; fear of change; frigidity; black and white or right and wrong thinking; perfectionism; excessive over analyzing; inability to recognize emotions; disassociation; low self-expression; excessive self-criticism; guilt.
  • Balanced second chakra embodiments include: creativity and healthy self-expression; emotional intelligence and stability; comfortable with individual uniqueness; pursuing desires and basic pleasures; sensate exploration; easily able to feel; healthy level of deservingness; nurturing of self and others; fair exchange in relationships; healthy relationships; ability to change.
  • Guilt increases the amount of stimulation we need to reach satisfaction.

What’s next:

Level #7: Gut Health

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